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Cad Cut Vinyl

Cad Cut Vinyl is available in a wide range of stock and custom colors. Special color matching, metallic and foils are available. This is a cost-efficient and high-quality option for the application of logos, advertising copy, and store names on a wide range of smooth surfaces.

Custom vinyl cut letters and logos are a simple yet very elegant and powerful way to brand any space. Also known as die-cut vinyl printing, contour cut vinyl, plotter cut vinyl and cad cut vinyl, the uses for it are many. The main benefit for small or large format printing and cad cut vinyl is that after the background is cut and weeded out, the text or art is super crisp, stands out and is easy to read.

Cad Cut vinyl is also widely used to brand any space with custom artwork. Files are supplied as vector files, and we can print and contour cut to any shape. This is ideal for conference rooms, glass décor, wall art, windows displays, museum exhibition titles, galleries, and more.

Color X offers a wide range of availability colors, metallics, and custom color matching to get the best out of your large format printing projects. Our ability to produce vinyl from as small as ¼” to any size you can possibly imagine, makes vinyl cut printing an extremely versatile method to transform your space.

We have the right solution for any application whether it is temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor.

The Best Surfaces for Cad Cut Vinyl:

  • Drywall
  • Glass
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Metal

Cad Cut Vinyl is commonly used for retail windows, conference room privacy, retail walls, exhibition titles and copy, vehicles, wayfinding, gallery exhibitions, corporate environments, and stencils.